Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spitzer's infrared vision

By using Spitzer Space Telescope, their measured the size of an asteroid. Astronomers called the asteroid as 2011 MD(found roughly 20feet in size), structure for asteroid contain a lot of empty space. Spitzer's infrared vision helps to sizing up the asteroid.

Michael Momment said "Spitzer can use its heat-sensitive infrared vision to spy asteroids and get better estimates of their sizes". Indicating the object's true size, infrared light is most useful. The size of 2011MD was roughly known, by using visible light it can be observed.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

By Cassini mission - Maps of Saturn’s gravity and magnetic fields.


Input from more than 2000 member's and NASA members, Cassini named as Cassini Grand Finale.It collects valuable information of original planners might never have imagined. It will make detailed maps of Saturn’s gravity and magnetic fields.
By this spacecraft we know how the planet is arranged on the inside, and possibly helping to solve the irksome mystery, Its camera will take excellent images of Saturn rings and clouds.

By comparing with other mission, the unique region so close to the planet. This will help to improve our understanding of how giant planets and families of planets everywhere.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keeping foods fresher for a long duration in space with misting systems

Even though there are many advancement in technology, keeping foods fresher in space for a long period has been impossible. Research has been going on to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for long-term in space. It has been found that spraying waters over fruits and vegetables keep them fresher for a long period. It’s a fact that if a plant or a food has more solute than the environment surrounding it then to achieve equilibrium state water diffuses into the cell.

Thus by routinely spraying the vegetables with water it keeps up their turgor pressure and keeps them nice and crisp for us to eat.

And this can be achieved by creating a food locker installed with misting systems. A misting system can be used a water sprayer and can help to keep food fresher for a long period.

Based on the above considerations, our research and development team at designed an extraordinary misting product that can be used in the food lockers used in space to keep foods fresher for a longer period. This misting product creates a tiny mist at regular intervals that work as a water sprayer to keep foods and vegetables fresh over a long term.

Infact the mist generated by this specially designed misting product preserves the foods from being getting spoiled.

This may sound ridiculous but in a recent test conducted it has been proved that the foods kept under this product remained fresh for more than three months. Now with this product our astronauts can have fresh and tastier food in space as we have at earth.

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