Tuesday, August 5, 2008


NASA Space Station Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Jaiwon Shin on Monday announced that Thomas B. Irvine will be the deputy associate administrator for the Space Station agency's Aeronautics Research and Space Shuttle Mission Directorate, effective immediately.

Since May 2005, Irvine has been the director of the Space Station Mission Support Office for the directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. In his new position, he will assist Shin with planning, management and development of NASA's Space Discovery aeronautics research activities.

NASA's Space Station Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate conducts cutting-edge, fundamental research in traditional aeronautical disciplines and emerging fields to help transform the U.S. air transportation system and support future air and space technology vehicles.

"Tom has been instrumental in the restructuring and management of NASA's Space Station aeronautics research programs since he came to Washington in 2004," said Shin. "He has extensive and well-rounded experience in the areas of aeronautics research, SPACE STATION, SPACE SHUTTLE, SPACE TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE NEWS, SOLAR SYSTEM, STAR AND GALAXY, SPACE SCIENCE, SPACE DISCOVERY, INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION program engineering and management, institutional management, and NASA administration. Aeronautics benefits greatly from his presence on my team."

Irvine previously served as deputy director of the Space Station Aeronautics Test Program at NASA Headquarters. From 1999 to 2004, Irvine was the chief of the Facility Management and Planning Office at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. During 26 years with NASA, he has held a variety of program management and research engineering positions in technical services, space operations and Space Station aeronautics.

Irvine holds a Master of Science Technology degree in engineering mechanics and a Bachelor of Science Technology degree in civil engineering from the Ohio State University in Columbus.

Irvine has received several commendations for group achievements, as well as NASA's Exceptional Service Medal for sustained contributions to NASA aeronautics and space flight missions. For information about NASA's Space Station aeronautics research activities, visit:

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