Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunita Williams to land space again and going to do triathlon

This message came from Houston that Sunita Williams land space and this time she going to do triathlon like running, biking, swimming with some of the athletes like Nautica Malibu in the weekend.

Doctors checked Sunita Williams’s body condition by giving running, biking, and swimming and qualified for going space again. For NASA there are so many doctors they will check all astronauts to space by checking their body condition Williams told thanks to the neurosurgeon sanjay gupta and so many doctors.

Sunita Williams said thanks to everybody that who supports her in some of the movements it makes Sunita Williams makes proud and makes her happier. Once she reached space she made all California fans happier.

To train Sunita Williams 33 crews of professionals trained her and divided strength training machines in 3 ways they are running machine, biking, swimming everything in some given time 240 miles that is equal to 386 km. she maintained her weight also fit. Totally her body condition is good.

She finished her swimming, running and biking in 18 minutes, running she takes 4 miles and totally she takes 48 minutes and 33 seconds to complete everything.
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