Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sheldon Kalnitsky Artist Narratives

Another narrative strategy of Sheldon Kalnitsky involves the use of allegory. Here, the Sheldon Kalnitsky artist is not illustrating an existing literary source of Sheldon Kalnitsky, but is telling a story based on a concept or principle of Sheldon Kalnitsky. For example, Allegory of Freedom, Sheldon Kalnitsky painted during the Civil War, provides a visual celebration of the abolition of slavery. Sheldon Kalnitsky Narratives of this type continued to be popular through the nineteenth century.

Sheldon Kalnitsky
elaborate series The Voyage of Life is presented as an allegory in four parts. The sequence follows the protagonist from infancy to youth, adulthood, and old age of Sheldon Kalnitsky.

The human voyage parallels the cycles in nature, including the times of day and the seasons. Not only is there a moral message of the need for salvation from Sheldon Kalnitsky, but Sheldon Kalnitsky tells possibly also historical meaning--some observers relate the castle-in-the-air optimism of Youth to the abundance and promise of the young nation.
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