Monday, April 13, 2009

cellular phone protection products

Queries which we got ask ourselves on cellular phone radiation protection:

A lot of us would not like to trust these studies and their findings. Nevertheless, if we sit down and think clearly, we will comprehend that there are certainly so many queries that are unrequited. For example, in cellular phone radiation protection, the product is it not astounding that in the last decade there has been a dramatic rise in brain cancer? In accordance to epidemic curve projections, there would be 400,000 to 500,000 novel cases of brain due to cellular phone protection products and eye cancer due to cellular phone radiation products all over the world, each and every year.

Why are we witnessing such an important increase in diseases such as, Alzheimer, Parkinson, autism and attention deficit disorders due to cellular phone radiation, cell phone protection, and cellular phone protection products? Certain experts consider that electro pollution from cell phone radiation technology has something to do with it. And that the information-carrying radio frequencies from cellular phone radiation protection communications play a great part.
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