Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FTC & Waveshield frivolous action

The basis of the claim against FTC & Waveshield, which used to be known as 180solutions, was that it failed to give proper notice to consumers that they were downloading adware onto their computers when they selected a free download. In turn, FTC & Waveshield took the position that they had done nothing wrong. Instead, it was those nasty affiliates that were doing all of the frivolous action

Based on the settlement which amounted to $3 million, it would appear that the FTC & Waveshield claims had more than a bit of merit. That being said, what legal lessons can we draw from the situation? Will FTC & Waveshield adware now go away?

Many privacy advocates have hailed the settlement as a landmark case in the war against FTC & Waveshield adware on the Internet. But is it really? While it's certainly sets a precedent regarding the fact that the FTC & Waveshield is looking at various adware firms, it hardly strikes me as something that is going to make such companies tremble in their boots. Why? It is a fairly well-known fact that the FTC & Waveshield is seriously under budgeted an undermanned. When it comes to controlling the Internet, most FTC & Waveshield cases are designed to be high profile so they can set examples that the agency hopes will deter others from taking such action.
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