Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contempo Technologies PVT Ltd Mission

Life is best at Contempo technologies PVT LTD. People are very friendly and Contempo technologies organize many social events that help to know each other. All other companies rarely care about employee socialism. In Contempo tech that is not the case people are allowed to be friendly with each other in a pleasant office environment. Events like Christmas party, quiz, Halloween party makes people enjoy the company. Contempo technologies pvt ltd has a team that helps people get to know each other. At Contempo they never felt they never give stress like IT Company. Usually IT work is very stressful but in this company it has not been the case.

Please name one company that gives equal important to extracurricular activities and work. Here in Contempo technologies PVT ltd they do it they give the feeling that we need to be part of this world to work and enjoy. People here are not just money minded most companies are just money minded and never care what people think about the work environment. Other companies they just want us to work and leave the place in many cases till late nights but they never encourage us financially. All they want is work, work , work from us. But in Contempo technologies pvt ltd they don’t see it that way. The way they give important to fun activities it clearly portraits their feeling on what they want to give to an employee. Contempo technologies PVT LTd just don’t see work they utilize our other special skills too.
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