Monday, January 30, 2012

Vega rocket prepared for first flight

 The primary Vega launch campaigns begin in November with the fitting of the P80 first stage on the launch pad. The two solid-propellant second and third stages were additional to the vehicle; follow by the AVUM Attitude & Vernier Upper component – liquid-propellant fourth stage.  

All four stages have undergone concluding acceptance, counting the difficult of the avionics, leadership, telemetry, propulsion, division pyrotechnics and safety systems.

These steps culminate on 13 January with Vega’s ‘mixture control checks’, where all systems were put into launch mode for the vehicle’s final acceptance. This included pressurising the AVUM propulsion systems that actuate the thruster valves.

The rocket’s elements were switch on from the manage bench to replicate the launch countdown. The onboard software then took in excess of and replicated the diverse stages of a flight. The interface between the vehicle and the control bench were also tested.
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